Bellereader recently got down and dirty with the fabulous April Hunt – Check out the saucy and zany interview below along with some juicy tidbits on April’s upcoming release Hot Target releasing April 10th 2018!

1)What author gets you to one-click everytime?

I have A LOT of immediate one-click authors that it’s impossible to name them all. I mean, my finger can’t twitch fast enough. Maya Banks KGI series is what started my love of romantic suspense. And I also adore Rebecca Zanetti, Lori Foster, and Laura Kaye. When I’m in the mood for contemporary Romance, my go-to authors are Jill Shalvis and Lori Wilde. But really, the list is long

2)As musicophile as well as a bibliophile, my great loves often intertwine. If you had to choose a song that best describes you what would it be?

Ooooh, that’s such a good question!!! Hmmm, is there a song that exists which talks about being a hot mess? (hahaha). Just kidding. I can’t think of one for myself, but I’ve always thought of Florida Georgia Line’s Good Girl, Bad Boy as the ode to my husband and myself. I was a notorious good, wholesome country girl when I met The Hubs in college, and he was the worldly city boy who kind of corrupted me (sorry, ma).

3)Which of your books gave you the biggest struggle and if you had to choose a favorite character whom and why?

If I had to pick one of the Alpha Security Series which was most difficult to write, honestly, it would probably be Holding Fire, Book 2. I love suspense (obviously) but the story I always had in my head for Trey and Elle was more emotional-based. It’s difficult for us authors to run high on emotions for the duration of writing a book, but it usually worth it.

Two characters in Alpha share the spotlight of my fave characters. There’s Charlie, the pink-haired, tattooed sole female operative of Alpha Security who’s a conundrum of sweet English accent and bad attitude. And also Logan, the smooth talkin’ Texan in HOT TARGET. One of the reasons I loved writing Logan’s novella was because everyone had gotten used to his raunchy T shirts and corny jokes. I wanted to show his slightly darker side—because hey, we have one.

4)If you had a superpower what would it be and would you use said power for good?

What superpower would I give myself? Maybe to be able to create extra minutes in the day…because with a husband and two kids to raise, extra time would be INVALUABLE. And I’d use it mostly for good…and maybe for an extra few minutes of sleep in the morning.

5)What show do you love to binge?

My latest binge-worthy was Outlander. (I know, I was SO LATE to the party). But after hearing from a friend at least four times a week that I didn’t know what I was missing, I binge-watched the first season. Oh. My. Heavens. I watched those episodes SO HARD and actually ended up with dreams where everyone had Scottish accents. (haha)

6)What was your favorite childhood book?

My favorite childhood book was actually an entire series…anything Curious George. Of course, it also could have something to do with that I asked my mom on a daily basis for a pet monkey (which I never got 😉 )

7)Do you hide any Easter Eggs in your books that only a few people pick up on?

Me? Hide things? NEVER! (Always) 😉

8)Can you give me one juicy tidbit on your upcoming release?

Like I said earlier, I LOVED bringing Hot Target to the page because Logan has been such a staple in the series. I wanted to show that what people portrayed to the outside world wasn’t even close to what was happening on the inside. Yes, it’s a novella. It’s shorter than the other Alpha books, but that just means you get that same action-packed bang for each page.

Oh, and spoiler alert…there’s a scene involving a hot tub and a birth control prophylactic that will make you giggle.

Hot Target: An Alpha Security Novella

By April Hunt

Release Date: April 10th






iBooks: Trailer Link:

Blurb:WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS . . . How did a nice girl like Rachel Kline end up in a jail cell in Vegas? Don’t even ask. She came to Sin City to find her missing friend and accidentally got swept up in a police raid. Even worse, she’s being bailed out by the last man she wants to see right now: the irresistibly sexy, infuriatingly cocky Alpha op who rescued her a year ago. What are the odds?
Logan Callahan is six-and-a-half feet of solid muscle and Texas charm, a hard-fighting ex-Marine with a soft spot for Rachel. He’s more than obliged to hang up his cowboy hat and help her out. But when someone takes a shot at her, he knows there’s a good chance what happens in Vegas won’t stay there. With targets on their backs and killers on their tails, it’s one high-risk game they’re playing. And it’s not just their hearts that are on the line . . .

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