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Allen and Jessie are proving that redemption and salvation can come when you least expect it and hit you like a hurricane. Jessie life in St Augustine consists of managing her business and exciting nights filled with her tv and cat. When a devilishly handsome stranger walks into her shop and appears to to interested in her, she’s not sure what to think of his advances. It’s not as though she’s the poster child for seduction but Allen seems tempted nevertheless. Allen has nothing but ghosts and demons haunting his past. While he’s tried to make amends, he knows that his soul bears the mark of a tainted man. From the moment he sees the angelic Jessie he knows nothing will be the same and he is helpless to walk away even if he should. Allen doesn’t want to taint Jessie’s light with his darkness but sometimes destiny doesn’t give you a choice.

I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book.

Xavier and Cora are done ignoring what’s meant to be. Cora has know who her prince charming was since she was a girl. The boy that held her at night when her parents would fight, the boy that she is her best friend, and the boy that she never had the nerve to let know how she felt. He left 8 years ago for the service and while they have stayed in contact, she still has never gotten the never to let him know that no other owns her heart like he does. She has saved herself for him and she vows that enough is enough, she is going to come clean and tell him how she feels. Xavier has loved Cora forever. No other woman has ever caught his eye and the time has come to claim his lady. He is finally coming home and he is going to make Cora his wife and let her know he loves her and that he has waited for her even after all these years. A story so sweet it’ll make you teeth-ache but with enough heat to make you sweat under the collar.

I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book.

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