Make room in your heart for the zany, endearing, and enthralling Gavin and Blake. Gavin trusted that when his Craiglist matched best bud of a roomie said he was paying the rent it actually meant he was paying and not using him as his fix ATM. But yet here he finds himself in the precarious situation of once again looking for a place. When his outrageously hot and sexy co-worker tells him she’s looking for roommate and to come on down he can’t believe his luck…Dear Penthouse! Blake is wacky and nutty as all get out but their chemistry is off the charts. Blake knows she has a few idiosyncrasies that tend to be a little much. She can’t keep a roommate to save her life but whatever, people come people go. When she offers Gavin the room she did it out of like 50% to help him, 40% to bone him, and 10% the rent money. Some people would say getting involved with your roomie is foolhardy, but Blake and Gavin are just Roommates with Benefits and she doesn’t do attachments anyways. But close quarters and even closer bodies will lead to inevitable complications.

I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book.

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