Imogen and Dash will leave you absolutely breathless with their tale of finding light and salvation in one another. Jeni has never experienced that passion fueled love that is described in books and seen in movies. For goodness sakes, her last long term relationship basically ended like the end of a summer camp friendship. She focuses most of her time and energy on her rewarding job, as a child psychologist, which she love and her Gramps, while crotchety, she still adores. When a freak accident while hiking lands her right into the arms of a mountain god she not sure if she’s stumbled into a steamy romance novel or a bloody horror one. She cannot deny he’s devilishly handsome and attracts her like a moth to a flame, but there is something quite off about a man such as himself being such a recluse. Ever since losing his wife to forces that are determined to not only end him but taint his life’s work for their own nefarious purposes, Dash has hidden himself away from the world. He has had to fake his own death and leave behind his children for their protection and not a day passes he doesn’t pine for them, but this is the only way to protect everyone. When a snow covered angel lands at his doorstep, he is helpless to turn her away. Imogen makes him want things he didn’t believe he would ever yearn for again and makes him once again feel alive. He knows he only has fleeting time with her and getting involved is reckless and dangerous, but he is helpless to disregarding his desires. He already lost one woman he cared for to this vendetta and he won’t risk Imogen. With danger lurking still, will he be able to find a way back to life and love?

I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book.

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