Baby, it’s just another part of our wonderful

Jesse and Ava have finally returned and all I can say is Long Live The Lord! Is it any surprise that Wards are still blissfully happy after all these years. Their love story was one for the ages and even now they have grow even more in love with one other with each passing moment. Jesse loves his life with his maddeningly stunning wife and perfect babies. Never could he have imagined before Ava stepped into his life this level of bliss. Ava’s still the ball of sass he fell head over heels for and no matter how much he gripes he wouldn’t change a thing about his stubbornly gorgeously wife. Fate however plays a cruel joke when tragedy strikes and while sparing Ava it takes away all her recollection of her life with her Lord. In the blink of an eye it’s like she’s lost 16 years and Jesse is at a whits end as to how to trample this. But if there is one thing Jesse Ward isn’t it’s a quiter. His persistence once won him Ava’s heart, so he’ll just have to do it again.

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