I Just Wanna Be The Only Girl You Love All You Love All You Life

After everything we have been through with Tatum, Diesel, Thorn, and Vincent it’s finally time to bid them adieu and it was so masterfully handled. While it’s sad to let them go you won’t be disappointed. The long and winding road that lead those crazy kids Tatum and Diesel here has finally gotten them to the day they have yearning for – Tatum Titan and Diesel Hunt cordially invite you to attend their blessed union. Finally Tatum will become Mrs Hunt and they can begin the life they never dreamed possible prior to one another. Thorn thought he was saving Autumn future inevitable pain by breaking things off, but it’s clear to anyone with eyes these two have something worth the risk. Thorn has always believed himself incapable of love, but Autumn may be just be the one he’s been waiting for without even knowing it. Vincent let some of his walls down for Scarlet and hasn’t been this happy in ages. Letting someone else in his heart is hard, but Scarlet is patient, kind, and generous. Happily Empire After as well as Happily Ever After is the motto of this series.

I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book.

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