Now We’re All Getting A Chance To Play

We rejoin the merry gang of Tatum, Diesel, Thorn, and Vincent and this captivating saga just continues to mesmerize as we explore everyone’s potential for true happiness. To say that Tatum has been going a little stir crazy is kind of a massive understatement. Her recovery is going exceedingly well, but it’s not quite fast enough for her time table. After all she’s got an empire to run and more importantly a man to marry! Getting Titan to take a beat for not only her own health but his sanity’s sake is probably a non-starter. After all he needs his Boss Lady healthy enough for a trip down the aisle. Thorn has found himself in a situation has he hadn’t previously thought possible. Autumn has both brains and beauty, but unlike his previous dalliances his feelings might actual be involved. Thorn is feeling possessive, intrigued, and conflicted leading to him wondering if Autumn could be more than just a passing fancy but a real future. Vincent knew that when he stepped outside his safe comfort zone of meaning liaisons he might be getting more than bargained for. Scarlet is brilliant and gorgeous, making him yearn for things he hasn’t wanted since the passing of Isabella. It’s both scares him and makes him feel guilty. Allowing her in seems disrespectful to his late wife in a way his past relationships never even came close to. With what can only be described as high stakes on the line, if they want to be happy they will all have play by their own set of rules.

I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book

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