Elise and Keith are fiercely hot and spicy and topping every single conceivable chart there could be. Elise kind of hates her job working in the tabloid business. She had dreams of being the next Woodward or Bernstein… but truthfully she the closest she comes to hard hitting journalism is hot or not pieces- now is that just sad. When she gets her sort of shot following the ultra secretive Keith Perkins, she hopes this will be her big break. But this country hunk with tall, dark, and mysterious ways may be way more than she bargained for. Keith would love for the world to take his music and leave his personal life alone. He doesn’t have any deep dark secrets aside from one… one that he would do anything to protect. Now with this nosy albeit gorgeous reporter sniffing around he is determined to throw her of the trail at any cost. Can Keith trust Elsie to protect his secret over her need to get the story?

I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book.

🎧I also reviewed a delectable Audio version of this steamy book, get the scoop below🎧


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