Beck and Rylee are the epitome of laugh out loud and their not stop banter will have rolling on the floor and grabbing sides as you follow their hilarious journey!

Rylee needs something to spark the writing bug and fast… that’s is how her cockamamie friend convinces her to crash a wedding in the vain hopes of finding some stimulation to write the next great HEA with some sexy saucy moments thrown in for good measure. After what can only be described as the journey straight from the hades, she finds herself in a veritable paradise, but still is gripped with writers block until inspiration shows up in the form of Tall, Dark, and Dreamboaty! Beck’s buddy shanghaied him into coming to Key West to be his kid repellant so that him and his wife could have a fun filled vacay sans their parental responsibilities… oh and he will also be gate crashing wedding too… fun fun fun. The minute Beck spies a mysterious dark haired beauty with unquestionable whit and killer looks on the plane he is dying to know more about her and it appears the Vacation Gods are answers prayers. There island fling and wedding crashing plans are a story for the ages and when it’s time for this dream trip to come to a close its hard to imagine walking away. Coming back to real life though, on two ends of the country, and divulging the real nitty gritty is not what they are bargained for when they started an island fling… but with passion like this can they really ignore the pull for something more?

I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book.

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