Mariah and Lance are healing each other in ways they didn’t even know they needed in this sharp, funny, and sexy tale of life, love, and cupcakes. Mariah has always been the girl left in the corner. It’s been easy for everyone in her life to leave her feeling slightly inadequate. If a childhood filled with her mother constantly playing favorite with her sister wasn’t enough to give her a complex, her boyfriend choosing to marry and start a family with her perfect sister was enough to seal the deal. The only somewhat bright spot in her life is her fun fantasy flirt life. Flirting with the handsome Lance Gibson and baking him treats makes her heart go pitter patter. It’s a safe way to feel wanted without the risk really exposing her heart again. Lance is the king of the hookup. He always is up front and never promises picket fences or happily ever afters and until lately it has always been enough. Usually lite banter followed by the deed is enough of interaction for him, but now all of sudden his feelings are starting to get involved. He has his reasons for keeping his heart out of equation, but that options seems to no longer be in the cards especially as he finds a woman tailor made to fit him.

I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book.

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