REVIEW:Going Down Hard (Doing Bad Things #1) by Jordan Marie

It’s High Time

Gavin and Casey are making up loss time with heated nights, great conversation, and a lot of spilt coffee. Under Casey’s picture in the yearbook it probably reads “Huh, didn’t even know she went here…” For pity sakes she didn’t even have the grades to be considered a nerd, so basically she spent her schooling as a veritable ghost. The only highlight of her teenage existence is the night Gavin O’Leary spoke to her and mildly flirted with her. But that’s all behind her because now she’s a confident self assured grown up….right? When she quite literally runs into her teenage dream 12 years later it seems that finally she has removed her invisibility cloak, but old neurosis run deep. Gavin was the golden boy as a teen, with everyone in his life assured he would be a star. A brief but meaningful encounter with a mystery girl lead him to following his dreams and that path set him on an actually colliding course with her years later. Casey can’t see what he sees when he looks at her. This beautiful, smart, and sexy woman has no idea the web she weaves, but he would be a fool to let her get away a second time.

REVIEW:In Too Deep (Doing Bad Things #2) by Jordan Marie

Remind Me

Aden and Hope can’t help it if they are falling fast and hard, cause sometimes love hit you like a swift blow to the head. Hope is trying her darndest to revitalise the Motel her Aunt left her. This place was was supposed to be her saving grace, but it’s looking more and more like a money pit. Ever the Lucas, she purservers – but with her son Jack depending on her and precious few alternatives she is determined to make lemonade out of lemons. When her one and only booking shows up early long before she is ready to receive guests, she slightly more than a little put out with the rude and brash Aden Smith, but beggars can’t be choosers. He’s surly, arrogant, and handsome beyond words a combination for disaster. After a error in impaired judgment on both their parts, Hope is more than ready to see Aden’s backside, but when a freak accident lands Aden in hospital with no memory and seemingly a new personality, Hope is stuck. Firstly, he thinks they are married due to slight fib on her part so she could check on his well being. Second, she’s petrified he’s going to start riding the litigation train any second. Lastly, this new Aden she kind of actually likes. What’s a girl to do?

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