Title: Forbidden ( The Complete Series ) 

Author: Kira Blakely

Genre: Erotic Romance 

Four forbidden novellas.

One billionaire secret island.

Masks required.

“You are cordially invited to Mystique Island.”

Forbidden Daddy

The masquerade ball is where I find the most familiar eyes.

They remind me of the sexiest daddy I’ve ever known

My ex’s dad.

Forbidden Feast

It’s a Thanksgiving feast fit for a king, and I’m the main course.

There’s only one man I want, and he’s going to lick his plate clean.

Pretty please with a cherry on top. My cherry. He’s my boss. My master.

Forbidden Santa

It’s a Christmas ball fit for a queen, and I’m going to be a special package.

A billionaire’s dream girl, delivered to his villa. Bound in a tight red bow, ready to be unwrapped

He’s checking his list and licking me twice. This good girl will taste very nice.

Forbidden Three

I’m the nanny to the world’s sexiest billionaire, and he’s my truest fantasy.

But there’s something different about him when I find him on the island.

The rough hands, cologne, and the ocean-blue eyes…It’s like I’m seeing double.

When I find out it’s his twin, my fantasy is twice as fulfilling.

This is the complete Blakely After Dark series. Four novellas. All naughty quick reads for mature audiences only. Happily ever afters are guaranteed!

All I’ve ever wanted to do for years is write my own books. I spent an ungodly amount of time ghostwriting a few bestsellers for other authors before realizing it was time to start taking credit for my own work.

My personal struggles in life, love, and money have driven me to start doing what I love most: Writing full time.

I started writing when I was a teenager. I fell in love with a boy who didn’t quite love me back–admittedly, I was terribly insecure and slightly overweight–and the entire experience drove me to start practicing my craft. Writing helped me to escape, to reimagine a world where happy endings actually existed. If I couldn’t have the love of my life, I’d just create Mr. Right in my romance novels… with maybe a few embellishments.

I’ve found my calling. Having the experience of doing what I love most as a full time job has given me happiness and confidence galore. And, soon after I found those, I was able to find companionship. Shout out to my guy and my kitty!

I so hope you enjoy my books! I wish you the very best in this crazy thing called life.






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