We lived through scars this time But I’ve made up my mind We can’t leave us behind anymore

Jett and Ruby are finding hope, peace, and salvation in one another’s arms. Ruby couldn’t believe she found herself on some auction block at the mercy of cold hearted degenerates, all for placing her trust in the wrong people, but that’s just in fact the nightmare she is currently living. She is praying for a miracle but knows it may come down to her own self preservational instincts to save her. When the gravel rings out sold she is transferred into her new masters care… little does she know he’s an angel in disguise. Jett was doing a favor for his sister by going to rescue her friend from an unthinkable fate, but the minute he spies Ruby something greater takes ahold. He instantly wants to protect and care for this woman in a fierce and primal way. For the first time since his accident he has feels a resounding sense if self worth and Ruby is the reason why. He refuses to let her get away no matter what!

I voluntarily read an advance reader copy if this book.

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